I want my mommy…

As babies we innately know when we want something all we have to do is cry.  As we grow up, that crying becomes a way to signal a boo-boo that needs attention, to escape the clutches of our older brother/sister or a warning that Band-aidyou’re not faking that fever after all (even if it coincides nicely with your spelling test).  Eventually, sobbing comes courtesy of heartbreak or if you’re like me, the realization that you’re about to enter… GASP, the real world.

Now that I’m unemployed, I’m not afraid to say it… I want my mommy. While I’ve learned with age to cope with a fever (lots of daytime television and chicken soup), coping with the loss of a job is a different story. Left alone in an empty apartment during the day, the silence is haunting, thoughts of simpler times swimming through my head.  Each day I think about budgeting, about my strategy for rebounding from this setback but most of all, I think about my family.  While I’ve built a nice support system out here, nothing can replace a mother’s embrace.  Three thousand miles away, phone calls can only do so much to bridge the divide.

So, I pose this question to you… what methods have helped comfort you during the rough patches?  What is the adult equivalent for chicken soup and a band-aid?


One response to “I want my mommy…

  1. One word: wine. One more: chocolate.

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