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Keep Your Head Up…

Sky, San Francisco
Sky, San Francisco

The other day I got to thinking about career direction… about the people and events that led me to New York City.

A life long dream, my infatuation with this city began the minute my parents introduced me to the wonders of cable television. Not your average six year old, my day was not complete without the 10 o’clock news. Media was my thing and I spent many hours admiring my craft.  In high school, when given the choice between a trip to Europe and New York City… there was never any doubt Manhattan was the place for me.

So, living here is a fairytale come true, right?  Yes and no… thus we have come to one of the internal monologues I’ve been carrying on ever since I was laid off.  In the search for employment, I’ve done a lot of thinking about what I have to offer employers.  Beyond the usual qualifications that come with experience in my field, the word passion has made an appearance quite a bit in my cover letters.  While I love my career, I wonder if I’m truly intune with the passion I claim is there. 

The seven months I’ve spent here have been incredible but they’ve also got me wondering about what happened to that wide eyed six year old, the one who approached the world knowing the possibilities were endless, who had a passion for writing and a dream much larger than her tiny frame.  When did she stop looking up to the world around her and start going through the mundane motions of everyday life?

I have a confession to make… this blog is my attempt to get back in touch with that wide eyed six year old.  Selfish? Yes but it’s my belief that there’s something to be gained by listening to the admissions of others… after all, isn’t life about shared experiences, lessons learned along the way?

What my attempt to get down with the sixty pound version of myself has taught me is that my downfall was the moment I stopped looking up.  In college, a sign I spotted while studying in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Gardens was a not-so-subtle reminder.  In the hustle and bustle that is New York City, sky scrapers can’t help but cloud the view. So, I’ve gone through the Google Image files to dig up that San Francisco sign just for you… after all, isn’t it about time we all looked up?