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My Own Personal Snow Globe

Today I discovered one of the first plus sides of unemployment – calling your own snow day.   Snuggled up at home with a cup of hot chocolate and my blog at my side, I can enjoy the blizzard that goes on outside my window while the rest of the [diminishing] working world braces for the cold.  No sludgey mess to waddle in, no game time decision on what shoes to wear and best of all, no wondering if this California girl has the right under-armor to withstand the gusty winds that could very well toppler her over (for all you meterologists out there, pun intended).  Instead, I can snuggle up for my daily job search. And when the hot chocolate runs out, I can join the rest of the snow day kids out in the powder for snow angels and a chance at building my first epic snowman.  I guess you could call the world my own personal snow globe…